Intro and purpose of blog.


So you’re all very welcome to Dave’s Irish Whiskey Blog. I thought I’d use my first post to set out exactly how I see this blog going so people understand from the outset.

The most important thing for me is that readers understand that I’m totally new to this fabulous world.

On this blog I may not be able to give you the experienced view on something but I’ll tell you about it from my perspective, the perspective of a newcomer and hopefully this is something you’ll find interesting!

I’m very new to the wonderful world of Irish Whiskey and in recent times have developed a real passion for it which continues to grow day by day.

I’ll be coming at this blog from three different perspectives:

  1. Drinking Irish Whiskey.
  2. Collecting Irish Whiskey.
  3. General Irish Whiskey.

Drinking Irish Whiskey:

The fun part…. The part where I’ll offer opinion on all matters when it comes to a particular bottle. The bottle shape, the packaging, the colour, the smell, the taste, the overall experience and more.

One thing I’ve noticed to date is the wide variety of different smells and tastes from the same dram that people get and that’s what makes this part so interesting. Have a read of what I got from a particular dram and see if your experience was similar or completely different.

Collecting Irish Whiskey

The pension top up part…. So, I’ve started collecting Irish Whiskey and I’ve well and truly caught the bug of doing so. From the two bottles in the cabinet back in August 2017 I’m now looking at forty one as of yesterday.

I’ll be giving readers an insight into the experiences I’ve had and will continue to have, collecting Irish Whiskey. The lengths you have to go! The excitement of the hunt! Having to keep up with the latest news! Know who’s bringing out what? Is it worth keeping or is it one to drink.

General Irish Whiskey

Within the ‘General’ section of the blog I’ll discuss everything Irish Whiskey related other then Tasting and Collecting. There’ll be general discussion, Distillery visits, museum tours and more.

It’s also my first blog so bear with me please as I learn the ropes in relation to the site and how to actually write an interesting blog that will hopefully make you want to come back and read the next instalment.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and hopefully I’ll see you back on the page in the future.

Irish Whiskey Dave

4 thoughts on “Intro and purpose of blog.

  1. Great blog Dave! I can remember you sampling specific whiskeys at the various weddings! I’m definitely following you, even though I’m a beer drinker! (Recently discovered an appreciation for bourbon myself!) Happy New Year!


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