Boann Distillery – The Whistler 7 & 10 Year Single Malt

A few weeks back the postman arrived and nearly broke the letterbox while trying to deliver a package. ‘What in the name of god was god’ I thought to myself. On the floor was a small package addressed to myself. How in the name of god he did make so much noise? I opened it and was delighted to find enclosed, two miniature whiskeys, those being The Whistler Single Malt 7 Years and The Whistler Single Malt 10 Years from the Boann Distillery of whom you can find out more about here

I was delighted to receive my first sample package in the post and I have to thank Matt Healy, Global Sales Export Manager, Boann Distillery for these.

Inside my pack were the two bottles and a wonderful letter from Matt giving the background to the two whiskeys, the distillery, the people behind it, the future plans for Boann and it outlined that the name ‘The Whistler’ comes from the fact that MD of Boann Distillery’s parent company Na Cuana is well known for being an avid Whistler and is often seen and heard entertaining the public with his skills.

The Whiskey:

The Whistler Single Malt 7 Year ‘The Blue Note’


When the Boann Distillery acquired the whiskey for this release it was five years old and had been aged in bourbon barrels. They moved the liquid from these barrels to 45-year-old solera sherry barrels and aged them for a further two years. The name ‘Blue Note’ again comes from the family’s passion for music and this refers to a note ‘that is played at a different pitch then standard’. This is their way of saying that their liquid is different even though it may be sourced from similar origins. I must say, I like the name and the idea behind it!

Glass used: Tuath

ABV: 46%

Nose: Lots of dried fruit, sultanas, raisins.

Palate: All the fruit from the nose is still there. I’m finding it hard to pick anything else out but that really isn’t a bad thing.

Finish: Lovely finish to this. Makes you want to return for more.

Overall: I really like this. On the nose it really nice and inviting and makes you want you want to get in there and try it. Definitely one to pick up!

The Whistler Single Malt 10 Year


For the 10 Year Single Malt the guys at Boann followed the same idea but this time the liquid had been maturing for eight years in second fill bourbon casks and was then transferred, like the 7-Year-Old, into the solera sherry casks for a further two years.

Glass used: Tuath

ABV: 46%

Nose: The dried fruit notes are there again like its younger family member.

Palate: The fruit is there again in abundance and something else which I can’t quite put my finger on but if I get it I’ll update the post!!

Finish: Very smooth finish and easy to drink. Feels great as it goes down and leaves a lovely coating in the mouth.

Overall: Very impressed. A bit more to it then the younger 7-Year-Old, as there should be and as I’m typing away I’m pouring a bit more so that can only be a good thing.

I really like what Boann have done here and both the 7 and 10 taste great. They are bottles I’ll definitely be adding to the collection and if you’d like to add them to yours then you can do so here

I hope you enjoyed this review and until next time, Slainte.

These samples were provided to me free of charge. My reviews are 100% my own thoughts.

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