Powers John’s Lane

Some of you may be starting to notice a common theme running through my blogs. That of the Powers brand. All of my Collecting blogs to date have been Powers related and I’ve also taken part in, and blogged about, Powers Tweet Tasting in the past.

So it will not come as any surprise that when Tesco recently reduced their John’s Lane from €65 to €50 I was all over that and promptly came away from my local Tesco with four bottles!! This offer is still on by the way and is until the 30th October, so if you haven’t sorted your supply, then I suggest you pop in to your local Tesco and remedy that situation.

My haul of Powers Johns Lane

Since taking delivery of the above stock I’ve spent some time with particular expression and I like it!!!

Powers John’s Lane is Single Pot Still, aged minimum 12 years. It was released back in 2011 and Irish Distillers say that it is based on the original Powers style and it was this style that made Powers so famous.

Power Johns Lane – ready for tasting

So here are my thoughts:

Glass used: The Tuath

ABV: 46%

Nose: I get notes of chocolate. There’s fruit there that I can’t quite put my nose on. Maybe it a combination of a few, like fruit cake.

Palate: The fruit is there again on the palate. Still struggling to identify individual ones as I’m still developing the skills required to break down all the flavours. There’s a reminder of a sweet I used to have as a kid in there and the chocolate theme returns.

Finish: For me it’s a long, pleasurable finish and it just invites me back for more. Lovely overall coating of the mouth and its ‘chewy’ which I love but not over the top.

Overall: The best way to put this is that I won’t be long getting through the four bottles I purchased in Tesco. Even at the full RRP of €65 this is a go to bottle and has now become a firm favourite of mine. I find myself reaching for it before the Redbreast 12 and for anyone that knows me that’s says a lot!

Hope you enjoyed my review of Powers John’s Lane.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.



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