L.Mulligan Hip Flask Service

They say that good things come to those who wait……

Back in June I posted the below cryptic message on social media and got a few people talking online and ringing me asking what was it all about? When is it starting? How does it work?

Coming soon…….

Introducing the L. Mulligans Whiskey Shop ‘Hip Flask Service’ and I for one am very excited about the whole thing.

They say that the hip flask service is ‘Your opportunity to taste new, interesting, weird and wonderful whiskeys (and whiskies) at home without committing to the full bottle’ and that available for tasting will be ‘world whiskeys to the new Irish releases, limited edition bottlings, cask samples and even some whiskeys that will never be released’

How it works:

You purchase a L. Mulligans hip flask (for what I believe is €15 with each fill ranging between €15-€40) from instore and this then acts as your membership card. It measures 175ml and this equates to 5 standard pub measures.

In store you will find several bespoke mini-casks and demijohns (below), each priced individually for you to choose from.

This weeks casks containing Kavalan, Laphroaig and Powers

Each week the extremely knowledgeable staff in L. Mulligans will choose the whiskey for the week ahead. Full tasting notes and prices will be posted on their website and also circulated by email.

Some of the whiskeys selected will be rare and could only be one or two bottles so it’s important to remember that it’s all on a first come first served basis.

It’s also important to remember that the L. Mulligan hip flask is your membership card and they won’t be filling any flask other then this one. They recommend you rinse your flask between fills as ‘No-one wants a peat monster to overwhelm their next fill’

If you didn’t have plans for this weekend then I think you do now!

I wish them all the very best with it and I’m sure they’ll be sick of the sight of me soon enough as I pop in each week to refill my flask!



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