Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Hello again and welcome back to Dave’s Irish Whiskey!

My topic of discussion today is Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch.

This is my first post within the ‘drinking’ category of the blog and hopefully first of many. Please bear in mind that I don’t have the cultured palate of many out there and I’m learning on the job…..

This bottle was purchased for me a number of years back as a Christmas present (thanks Sharon) and sat in my sideboard for quite a while until recently, when I decided it was time to open it up and see what it is all about and as you can see from the picture I’ve put quite a dent in it. It was only after I opened it that I realised that you can’t get this particular bottle anymore so maybe I should have kept it, but I’ll have to live with that. And anyway, I don’t think I’d have been paying off the mortgage or anything by selling it on! Sure isn’t it all made to drink anyway….

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Unlike other bloggers and industry experts I can’t give you a breakdown of the history of this particular bottle. Although there is no age statement I believe I’m right in saying that this whiskey is a blend of 12 Year Old Pot Still and a 5 Year Old Grain and if one was to look for a bottle of this particular dram these days then they should purchase the Jameson Black Barrel which this is now known as.

Now for the tasting:

Glass used: Túath.

ABV: 40%

Nose: I get plenty caramel on the nose and the more I try and see what else is there this seems to take over for me! I’m getting what seems like banana notes. I’m still learning how to pick up the different scents.

Palate: The caramel/toffee taste remains for me. For me it leaves a nice coating in the mouth and nothing is overpowering.

Finish: This dram sits nicely in the mouth. It’s a very pleasant experience.

All together now: I like this but it wouldn’t blow your mind. For roughly €50 this is really easy to drink and I think there’s enough there for it to be a dram you’d have no problem going back to after that first taste.

I really hope the above makes some sort of sense!

That’s it for my first tasting blog. Until next time guys and gals…..

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