Know your Brand Ambassador

So.… Over the next few weeks, starting next Sunday, I’m going to have some fun on the site through a series I’ve put together called ‘Know your Brand Ambassador’

We all know the work that Brand Ambassadors do all over the country and the world but how well do you know them really? I’m going to ask them fifteen totally non whiskey related questions.

We’ll find out their favourite holiday destination, their favourite book, their favourite movie and what music they listen to! We’ll get their thoughts on the greatest invention of all time, if time travel was available where would they go and more!

I’m delighted to have some of Irish Whiskeys top Brand Ambassadors onboard for this and over the next few weeks we’ll hear from:

Top left to bottom right: Alan Callinan, Jarlath Watson, Stephen Magennis, Blaise Kelly and Michael Carr
From left to right clockwise: Michael Ó Chomáin, Gerard Garland and Joe Magowan


A well as the above negotiations are still ongoing to hear from a few more Brand Ambassadors throughout the series!

Hope you enjoy getting an insight into the other side of your favourite brand ambassadors!

As always, thanks for reading my blog.



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