Know your Brand Ambassador: Jarlath Watson

Welcome to Part Four of my series of blogs called ‘Know your Brand Ambassador’.

In this blog we are having a chat with Jarlath Watson of The Echlinville Distillery

Jarlath Watson of The Echlinville Distillery


Name? Jarlath Francis Watson

Who do you work for? The Echlinville Distillery. Purveyors of the finest Irish spirts. Home to Jawbox Gin and Ban Poitin, Peddlers of Feckin Whiskey, Spiced, Vodka and Gin. Custodians of Dunvilles Irish Whiskey and this month celebrating the small matter of the 5th birthday of our own Echlinville Whiskey (Yep, we have 5 year old whiskey up here)

What is your favourite book? It’s gotta be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I’m the slowest reader in the world. I took me about eight months to read these in my teens and then I went straight back in and read it all again. I guess it’s the escapism and that epic battle through the ages of good versus evil. I think reading Tolkien helps you to recognise who the bad guys out there are. I’m still building up for my second go at the Silmarillion though

Name your three favourite movies? Life is Beautiful, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bram Stokers Dracula (the Gary Oldman one) and Up. I know that’s four but I just couldn’t leave Up out!

Have you a favourite movie quote? The whole park bench scene in Good Will Hunting, best movie scene ever. Period!

What is your favourite holiday destination: Somewhere in Italy, maybe Ravello or Taormina in Sicily or anywhere in the Alps on a motorbike

What is the first thing you do when you get home from abroad? Spend quality time with my dogs, Bella Biscuits and Springsteen. Two very high maintenance Schnauzers, they really don’t like being left behind.

What is your favourite sandwich? So, there is this sandwich bar in East Belfast, Madison’s and back like eighteen years ago I used to work right upstairs from it. Anyway, they do this amazing Cajun Chicken, Bacon, Coleslaw, Lettuce and Tomato. It’s a triple decker, a monster of a sandwich and the Cajun sauce that makes it.

Its been eighteen years since I worked there and still I go back if I get a chance, check it out!

If you could travel back in time where would you go? I’d go back to tell my younger self to listen more and travel more. Spend more time with those that matter and learn more from them. Ignore all the noise and distractions that life throws at you.

It would also be pretty cool to see Guns n’ Roses and Faster Pussycat in the Marquee club in 1987

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be and why? Donald Trump, before the love child of Pepe le Pew and Cruella Deville does any more damage

If you could shop anywhere for free where would it be? It would have to be a high end travel agents, see question 9, I owe my very patient wife Jo lots of holidays.

Who are your favourite current band and favourite band of all time? I’m listening to General Fiasco a lot at the minute. They’re a wee band from up here and if you haven’t heard it check out their debut album Buildings, perfectly crafted Pop Punk and SLF would have been proud of.

Favourite of all time would probably have to be Springsteen, apologies to Gn’R, Metallica, Dogs D’amour and John Prine

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time? The glass. Try drinking whiskey from a cup and you’ll understand

If you could win a Noble Peace Prize, an Academy Award or an Olympic Medal which one would you choose? I’m hoping this piece will bag me the Nobel Prize for Literature, if not, then I’ll settle for World Peace, obviously

Finally, If you could pick three people, dead or alive, to have dinner with, who would they be? WB Yeats, Gram Parsons and Lestat de Lioncourt. That’s only ever going to go one way…..

There you have it folks, an insight into the mind of Jarlath Watson. I hope you enjoyed Part Five of my ‘Know your Brand Ambassador’ series and that you all feel you know Jarlath a little better.

Thanks to Jarlath for agreeing to take part in the series!



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